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Chapter 31 added

 Updated 16/12/16


Other announcements: 

30/1/17 Don't miss our novel draft live reading! Half of donations raised will be going to Doctors Without Borders - really excited for Sunday!


27/01/17 Strange Birds Live Reading Announced! Featuring all three creators and artist Angie Steeves, the Strange Birds crew will be sharing a few chapters from the novel draft Sunday 5th February on

08/12/16 Looking forward to the novel and don't want to miss out? Subscribe to our novel mailing list to get an email blast with all the crucial information!

25/11/16 Charlie completed the 50,000 word target of NaNoWriMo2016 and is about half way through the first Strange Birds novel.

16/11/16 We're proud to say we donated $45 to @MontereyAq today from your support buying tees on Teepublic Thank you so much!!

11/11/16 *NEW* Playlist page added so that you can find and enjoy all of our Strange Birds curated playlists.

06/11/16 Work is underway on the novel adaptation as Charlie works on it for this years NaNoWriMo. Over ten-thousand words completed so far.

02/11/16 Strange Birds T-shirts and More to be released on teepublic on Friday (04/11) designed by the wonderful @Kennefriggles. There will be a sale for the first 72 hours of release!

31/10/16 Winner announced for 100 follower giveaway - xo_girlwonder will be joining us as a writer for a mini story!

28/10/16 You can now take our Strange Birds Quiz to find out which character you're most like!

26/10/16 We now have a facebook page and instagram . We also crossed 100 followers on twitter and are doing something special to celebrate - find out more HERE.

21/10/16 Official announcement of Strange Birds Audio Play - find out more in the interview with Pete.

20/10/16 Join us in supporting Jeannie and her family - by sharing or donating to her GoFundMe. #F*ckCancer

30/09/16 #strangebirds was trending in New Zealand today which was very cool!

26/09/16 *NEW* Playlist now available for you to listen to on spotify - this one is curated by Bryan. We hope you'll give it a listen

24/09/16 Added new lookbook feature to the website (find this on the top menu bar) and we've also been very busy updating the Strange Birds playlist. A new alternative rock playlist will be available soon, too!

13/09/16 We've created a mailing list so that we can send you alerts when a new chapter is posted or we have special news to share. We promise this is ALL that your email subscription will be used for - we hate spam too! Thank you all for all of your support for this project!

11/09/16 We've added a Ko-Fi button to our page and any tips/donations will be put towards work on the project, charities that are important to us and maybe a cheeky coffee.