You may say I'm a dreamer

From face in the crowd to leading man - I talked to Bryan about our grounded carpenter who thrives on stories about dragons: Ellwood Deeds.


Describe Ellwood in 3 words:
Honest, Dependable, Kind


How did Ellwood become Ellwood?

Ellwood started out as a character I threw in to TweetDnD because Charlie had started this story with Sarah about flight and dragons and I absolutely had to be a part of it. As things progressed, he’s become his own person who I love to play. Ellwood is a good man who somehow hasn’t been jaded by a world that hasn’t been kind to him in the past. It’ll be interesting to see if whatever’s in store changes that.


How has Ellwood changed?

He’s become more of a dreamer, a planner. While he was happy being a regular carpenter and working on expanding his brand, the Wrought brothers and more recently Nessie have opened the door to thinking larger, grander. His goals now include creating a repeatedly successful flyer and speaking with dragons.


"Calm is fine. I can worry calmly" Ellwood


How do you and Ellwood compare?

I’d like to think I could be as good a person as Ellwood is. We both highly value our friends’ needs and make it a point to be available if needed. Ellwood’s more patient than I am, and more level-headed. I’d probably be way more of a mess if I had gone through what Ellwood has.


What is your favourite moment in the story so far?

My favorite part was writing Ellwood visiting his mother’s grave. It was very heady to go to there within myself, imagining what he would feel returning after two decades; everything that he had gone through in those intervening years, and especially the weighty past couple weeks. He really wants answers to all these sudden questions, and is worried that the only person who could answer them is long gone.

What do you hope happens in the next few chapters?

I hope that we see Ness heal quickly, maybe with some help from a magic dragon sister? The new engine gets the kinks tinkered out and all or some of our trio set out to find Esirnogard Bay. For Ellwood, I’m hoping he gets some answers about his own connection to dragons, and can think up a better way to approach his father about the subject.


What do you think about Strange Birds as a way of writing?

I love it! I’ve always had a bit of a narrator voice in my head observing/commenting on my life, so it’s great to actually be able to use it productively. The fact that I get to collab with so many awesome people and writers in their own ways makes it even more fun. It’s also helpful that the work is shared and we’ve done more on the creative side than just the story, so that if I’m in a rut I can always look at what side tales have been penned or new drawings have been done, and be refreshed and inspired


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